April/May shows


Okay LOOK. I know I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet. I would love to say it’s because I’m writing but it’s actually because I’ve been writing my thesis and moulding impressionable minds and stuff. I am not on hiatus. I’m just moving at an extremely glacial pace. I hope to accelerate significantly soon.

With that said, I have two shows coming up:

April 28th: Are You Listening Festival, Reading. Heaps of venues, heaps of bands, will be absolutely delightful. Tickets here.

May 5th: Scared To Dance & For The Rabbits Alldayer: Sweet Baboo, London. Genuinely can’t quite believe I’m supporting Sweet Baboo. Very very excited. Tickets here.

Once this period of intense non-musical activity calms down a bit I will get back to writing and making things. See you on the other side. :)

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