Music Against Bruises – tonight

Music Against Bruises poster

I’m not very good at staying up to date with this, am I? Please do like me on Facebook if you want to make absolutely sure you’re not missing shows, since I seem to be better at updating them there than on the live page here. I’m trying to stay organised but I am only one person :)

Home has had some lovely press, being shared by the likes of Teenage Engineering (my favourite synth company in the whole world) and Beautiful Freaks, who did a lovely First Listen premiere for it alongside a slightly embarrassing and very long interview. On Monday just gone I supported Laetitia Sadier and Giorgio Tuma, to a very warm reception, which was wonderful – thanks so much if you came.

Tonight I’m playing the Music Against Bruises Fundraiser for Solace Women’s Aid at DIY Space for London, alongside Dream Nails, ¡Ay Carmela! and Party Traitor. Solace do incredibly valuable work for abuse survivors in London, and I’m beyond grateful to be able to do something useful for them, especially at the moment when everything feels utterly messed up for women and other vulnerable people in the UK (and everywhere else). I’d love it if you could come and dance and sing and cry and drink coffee-cola-lemonade at the bar with me. Please consider wearing black as a mark of respect.

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