Album cover - watercolour peach on a pale green background

My debut album, Peach, is available for pre-order!🍑

You can get it on limited-edition cream vinyl, CD, or as a digital download, by clicking here, and it will be sent to you around the 9th of June when it is released.

In typical Deerful style it’s a sad pop album, I made it on several extremely small synthesisers in my front room, and recorded and mixed and painted the cover for it myself. The only voice on it other than mine is my Macbook, on the two title tracks, reading out names of fruit and flowers I was streaming to it live from Twitter, because I appreciate oddness. Despite that it’s maybe a little softer around the edges than Staying Still, and it’s eleven tracks long, all about life and connections and moments between people and memories. Clash were kind enough to premiere the first single from it, Subjects Of Our Love, yesterday, if you’d like to hear a little of it.

I hope you enjoy it.

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