A full stream of Peach, and a live show

The brainchild of Emma Winston (quite literally: she wrote, played, recorded, produced, and mixed the record, as well as making the sleeve art – “Peach” takes that aforementioned decadent touch and sculpts it in to something that flickers between a cluster of romanticised sentiments while always bending the boundaries of what we think pop music is and should be. Streaming here from today, you can listen to Deerful’s brilliant new album in full while reading Winston’s own detailed track-by-track guide beneath. Dig in below…

Peach is now available to stream over at GoldFlakePaint, alongside my track-by-track commentary! Consider a click if you like: bleepy sparkly electropop; public amateurism; Chris Kraus; Super Mario; Twitter bots with recording jobs; girls kissing; artistic visions explained through the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.

The album will be going up on Spotify on Friday 9th, so currently GFP’s stream is the only place you can hear it online in full.

Warm up party featuring funke and the two tone baby, deerful and jack francis, at the monarch in chalk farm. Wednesday 7th June

I’m also going to be playing a London show the day after tomorrow (Wednesday 7th June), at the Monarch on Chalk Farm Road, at Beans On Toast’s warmup show for Blissfields Festival. It’s free, and you can enter a draw there to win tickets for the festival itself (which I will also be playing). I am very much hoping to have copies of the album with me for sale but there are currently none in my house so this is contingent on me being able to collect some in time. DIY!

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