Tell Me I Can Fix This On My Own

Tell Me I Can Fix This On My Own - Deerful

Hello all. I’ve got a new Deerful mini-album out. It was made with the music programming language ixi lang over the last six weeks.

It’s called Tell Me I Can Fix This On My Own. It’s mostly a record about friendship. It’s also a record about loss.

I have done it without any sort of label or collective behind me this time (the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice it says it’s out on Heartsease Records, which is…me) because releasing it was such a quick decision, so would very much appreciate your support in getting the word out since I don’t have a PR person or anything! I really, really hope you like it — it was a joy to make.

You can buy it here at my Bandcamp, if you’d like.

If you prefer to stream, it’ll go up here on Spotify shortly if it hasn’t already in your country.

It’s also on iTunes, Deezer, Tidal (apparently!), all the usual and some unusual suspects. If you have a preferred mode of listening it’s probably there.

I’ll be playing (hopefully) the whole thing live at Algorave Sheffield tonight (Saturday 1st Sept). There are still tickets if you’d like to come.

I’ve also open-sourced the code for the album at my Github. Do with it what you will.

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