The Home EP is out!

The Home EP is out! It features versions of three of my songs in the style of old-school 8-bit video game music, and a Mountain Goats cover. You can get it either digitally or on a USB drive here.

The USB edition includes a papercraft model of me(!), some desktop and phone wallpapers, and a mini-game, which you can also play online here.

This EP was intended as something a little different. It features two old songs, a new song, and a cover, all arranged in the style of old-school video game music, or chiptune. I have a real soft spot for old games and their soundtracks; I remember playing through Kirby’s Dreamland, Super Mario Land and Ducktales (of all things) on my old brick-style Game Boy as a kid, listening to the music and wondering how they did it, thinking, ‘I wish I could do that!’. Well, now I have, sort of.

The Home EP was created entirely in my front room in Clapton and is a homage to both the digital and analogue things that make you feel like you belong somewhere. I hope you enjoy it.

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